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Version: v0.27

Upgrading a blockchain to use Ignite CLI v0.22.0

Ignite CLI v0.22.2 changed the GitHub username from "ignite-hq" to "ignite", which means the imports must be fixed to reflect this change.

  1. In your go.mod file find the require line for Ignite CLI that starts with and is followed by a version. It looks something like v0.22.0, and replace it by v0.22.2.

  2. Make a bulk find and replace in the import statements for to be replaced by

  3. Finally, run go mod tidy and ensure there's no mention if ignite-hq/cli in your go.sum file.

This update includes an upgrade to the ibc-go packages. Please make the according changes:

  1. Upgrade your IBC version to v3.

    1. Search for in the import statements of your .go files and replace v2 in the end with v3

    2. Open your app.go,

      • Update your transfer keeper by adding another app.IBCKeeper.ChannelKeeper as an argument after app.IBCKeeper.ChannelKeeper

      • Define var transferIBCModule = transfer.NewIBCModule(app.TransferKeeper) in your New() func, and update your existent IBC router to use it: ibcRouter.AddRoute(ibctransfertypes.ModuleName, transferIBCModule)

    3. Open your go.mod and change the IBC line with v3.0.0