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Upgrading a blockchain to use Ignite CLI v0.22.0

  1. Open your go.mod and change the Ignite CLI line with v0.22.0

  2. Upgrade your IBC version to v3.

    1. Search for in the import statements of your .go files and replace v2 in the end with v3

    2. Open your app.go,

      • Update your transfer keeper by adding another app.IBCKeeper.ChannelKeeper as an argument after app.IBCKeeper.ChannelKeeper

      • Define var transferIBCModule = transfer.NewIBCModule(app.TransferKeeper) in your New() func, and update your existent IBC router to use it: ibcRouter.AddRoute(ibctransfertypes.ModuleName, transferIBCModule)

    3. Open your go.mod and change the IBC line with v3.0.0