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Version: v28

Using Ignite Apps

Apps offer a way to extend the functionality of the Ignite CLI. There are two core concepts within apps: Commands and Hooks. Commands extend the CLI's functionality and Hooks extend existing CLI command functionality.

Apps are registered in an Ignite scaffolded blockchain project through the igniteapps.yml, or globally through $HOME/.ignite/apps/igniteapps.yml.

To use an app within your project execute the following command inside the project directory:

ignite app install

The app will be available only when running ignite inside the project directory.

To use an app globally on the other hand, execute the following command:

ignite app install -g

The command will compile the app and make it immediately available to the ignite command lists.

Listing installed apps

When in an ignite scaffolded blockchain you can use the command ignite app list to list all Ignite Apps and there statuses.

Updating apps

When an app in a remote repository releases updates, running ignite app update <path/to/app> will update an specific app declared in your project's config.yml.