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Version: v0.25

Contributing to Ignite CLI docs

Thank you for visiting our repository and considering making contributions. We appreciate your interest in helping us to create and maintain awesome tutorials and documentation.

To set up your environment for success, follow the technical setup guidelines.

Using this repo

Review existing Ignite CLI issues to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

  • To provide feedback, file an issue and provide generous details to help us understand how we can make it better.
  • To provide a fix, make a direct contribution. If you're not a member or maintainer, fork the repo and then submit a pull request (PR) from your forked repo to the main branch.
  • Start by creating a draft pull request. Create your draft PR early, even if your work is just beginning or incomplete. Your draft PR indicates to the community that you're working on something and provides a space for conversations early in the development process. Merging is blocked for Draft PRs, so they provide a safe place to experiment and invite comments.

Reviewing technical content PRs

Some of the best content contributions come during the PR review cycles. Follow best practices for technical content PR reviews just like you do for code reviews.

  • For in-line suggestions, use the GitHub suggesting feature.
  • The PR owner can merge in your suggested commits one at a time or in batch (preferred).
  • When you are providing a more granular extensive review that results in more than 20 in-line suggestions, go ahead and check out the branch and make the changes yourself.

Writing and contributing

We welcome contributions to the docs and tutorials.

Our technical content follows the Google developer documentation style guide. Highlights to help you get started:

The Google guidelines include more material than is listed here and are used as a guide that enables easy decision making about proposed content changes.

Other useful resources:

Where can I find the tutorials and docs?

Technical content includes knowledge base articles and interactive tutorials.

  • The Ignite CLI Developer Tutorials content is in the docs/guide folder.
  • The Knowledge Base content is in the docs/kb folder.
  • Upgrade information is in the docs/migration folder.

Note: The CLI docs are auto-generated and do not support doc updates.

Locations and folders for other content can vary. Explore the self-describing folders for the content that you are interested in. Some articles and tutorials reside in a single Markdown file while sub-folders might be present for other tutorials.

As always, work-in-progress content might be happening in other locations and repos.

Who works on the tutorials?

The Ignite product team developers are focused on building Ignite CLI and improving the developer experience. The Ignite Ecosystem Development team owns the technical content and tutorials and manages developer onboarding.

Meet the people behind Ignite CLI and our contributors.

Viewing docs builds

Use a preview to see what your changes will look like in production before the updated pages are published.

  • While a PR is in draft mode, you can rely on using the preview feature in Markdown.
  • After the PR moves from Draft to Ready for review, the CI status checks generate a deploy preview. This preview stays up to date as you continue to work and commit new changes to the same branch. A Docs Deploy Preview / build_and_deploy (pull_request) preview on a GitHub actions URL is unique for that PR.