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Version: v0.25.2

Scaffold a chain

The ignite scaffold chain command scaffolds a new Cosmos SDK blockchain project.

Build a blockchain app

To build the planet application:

ignite scaffold chain planet

Directory structure

The ignite scaffold chain planet command creates a directory called planet that contains all the files for your project and initializes a local git repository. The planet argument is a string that is used for the Go module path. The repository name (planet, in this case) is used as the project's name.

The project directory structure:

  • app: files that wire the blockchain together
  • cmd: binary for the blockchain node
  • docs: static openapi.yml API doc for the blockchain node
  • proto: protocol buffer files for custom modules
  • x: modules
  • vue: scaffolded web application (optional)
  • config.yml: configuration file

Application-specific logic

Most of the logic of your application-specific blockchain is written in custom modules. Each module effectively encapsulates an independent piece of functionality. Following the Cosmos SDK convention, custom modules are stored inside the x directory. By default, ignite scaffold chain scaffolds a module with a name that matches the name of the project. In this example, the module name is x/planet.

Proto files

Every Cosmos SDK module has protocol buffer files that define data structures, messages, queries, RPCs, and so on. The proto directory contains a directory with proto files for each custom module in the x directory.

Global settings

Global changes to your blockchain are defined in files inside the app directory. These changes include importing third-party modules, defining relationships between modules, and configuring blockchain-wide settings.


The config.yml file contains configuration options that Ignite CLI uses to build, initialize, and start your blockchain node in development.

Address prefix

Account addresses on Cosmos SDK-based blockchains have string prefixes. For example, the Cosmos Hub blockchain uses the default cosmos prefix, so that addresses look like this: cosmos12fjzdtqfrrve7zyg9sv8j25azw2ua6tvu07ypf.

Change prefix on new blockchains

When you create a new blockchain, pass a prefix as a value to the --address-prefix flag:

ignite scaffold chain planet --address-prefix moonlight

Using the moonlight prefix, account addresses on your blockchain look like this: moonlight12fjzdtqfrrve7zyg9sv8j25azw2ua6tvu07ypf.

Change prefix on existing blockchains

To change the prefix after the blockchain has been scaffolded, modify the AccountAddressPrefix in the app/app.go file.

Cosmos SDK version

By default, the ignite scaffold chain command creates a Cosmos SDK blockchain using the latest stable version of the Cosmos SDK.