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Version: v0.25.2

IBC relayer

A built-in IBC relayer in Ignite CLI lets you connect blockchains that run on your local computer to blockchains that run on remote computers. The Ignite CLI relayer uses the TypeScript relayer.

Configure connections

The configure command configures a connection between two blockchains:

ignite relayer configure

You are prompted for the required RPC endpoints and optional faucet endpoints. Accounts used by the relayer are created on both blockchains and faucets are used, if available, to automatically fetch tokens.

If the relayer fails to receive tokens from a faucet, you must manually send tokens to addresses.

By default, a connection for token transfers is set up for the ibc-transfer module.

The optional --advanced flag lets you configure port and version for the custom IBC module.

By default, relayer configuration is stored in $HOME/.relayer/.

Remove existing relayers

If you previously used the Ignite CLI relayer, follow these steps to remove existing relayer and Ignite CLI configurations:

  1. Stop your blockchain or blockchains.

  2. Delete previous configuration files:

    rm -rf ~/.ignite/relayer
  3. Restart your blockchains.

Relayer configure example

All values can be passed with flags.

ignite relayer configure --advanced --source-rpc "" --source-faucet "" --source-port "blog" --source-version "blog-1" --target-rpc "" --target-faucet "" --target-port "blog" --target-version "blog-1"

Connect blockchains and watch for IBC packets

The ignite relayer connect command connects configured blockchains and watches for IBC packets to relay.

Tip: You can observe the relayer packets on the terminal window where you connected your relayer.