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Version: v0.25.2

Protocol buffer files

Protocol buffer files define the data structures used by Cosmos SDK modules.

Files and directories

Inside the proto directory, a directory for each custom module contains query.proto, tx.proto, genesis.proto, and other files.

The ignite chain serve command automatically generates Go code from proto files on every file change.

Third-party proto files

Third-party proto files, including those of Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, are bundled with Ignite CLI. To import third-party proto files in your custom proto files:

import "cosmos/base/query/v1beta1/pagination.proto";

You can also manually add third-party proto files. By default, Ignite CLI imports proto files from these directories: third_party/proto and proto_vendor. You can define third-party paths of the import directory in config.yml:

third_party_paths: ["my_third_party_proto"]