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Version: v0.25.2

Frontend overview

A Vue frontend app is created in the vue directory when a blockchain is scaffolded. To start the frontend app run npm i && npm run dev in the vue directory.

The frontend app is built using the @starport/vue and @starport/vuex packages. For details, see the monorepo for Ignite CLI front-end development.

Client code generation

A TypeScript (TS) client and associated Vuex stores are automatically generated for your blockchain for custom and standard Cosmos SDK modules.

To enable client code generation, add the client entries to config.yml:

path: "ts-client"
path: "vue/src/store"

A TS client is generated in the ts-client directory (see: TypeScript client information) and Vuex store modules making use of this client are generated in the vue/src/store directory.

Client code regeneration

By default, the filesystem is watched and the clients are regenerated automatically. Clients for standard Cosmos SDK modules are generated after you scaffold a blockchain.

To regenerate all clients for custom and standard Cosmos SDK modules, run this command:

ignite generate vuex

(Note: this command also runs the typescript client generation and you do not need to run ignite generate ts-client separately.)

Preventing client code regeneration

To prevent regenerating the client, remove the client:vuex property from config.yml.