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How To [Build/Create/Do Something] in Ignite CLI

Introduction and purpose

Introductory paragraph about the topic that explains what this topic is about and why the user should care; what problem does the tutorial solve?

In this guide, you will [accomplish/build/][some important thing]...

When you're finished, you'll be able to...

Note: The code in this tutorial is written specifically for this learning experience and is intended only for educational purposes. This tutorial code is not intended to be used in production.


To complete this tutorial, you will need:

  • A local development environment for [your chain]
  • Familiarity with the Cosmos ecosystem and [your chain]. See [](EIP-1559 for $ATOM) to learn more.
  • (Optional) If software such as Git, Go, Docker, or other tooling needs to be installed, link to the proper article describing how to install it.
  • (Optional) List any other accounts needed.

Step 1 — Doing something

Introduction to the step. What are you going to do and why are you doing it?




To verify the version of Ignite CLI that is installed, run the following command:

ignite --version

You'll see release details like the following output:

Ignite CLI version:     v0.25.0
Ignite CLI build date: 2022-10-17T14:52:33Z
Ignite CLI source hash: 065e30cfbc60fb84913db6da5ec1bc70be65b178*
Cosmos SDK version: v0.46.2
Your OS: linux
Your arch: amd64
Your Node.js version: v18.11.0
Your go version: go version go1.19.2 linux/amd64
Is on Gitpod: false

Modify the title by changing the contents of the <title> tag:

// ...

message Post {
string creator = 1;
string id = 2;
string title = 3;
string body = 4;

message MsgCreatePost {
string creator = 1;
string title = 2;
string body = 3;

// ...

Now transition to the next step by telling the user what's next.

Step 2 — Sentence case heading

Another introduction

Your content that guides the user to accomplish a specific step

Transition to the next step.

Step 3 — Sentence case

Another introduction

Your content

Transition to the next step.


In this article you [accomplished or built][some important thing]. Now you can....